Joy has always had a way with words and becoming a journalist was a childhood dream. As the Houston Chronicle fashion and beauty editor, she covers fashion, beauty, fitness and other lifestyle topics and is one of a handful of full-time fashion editors at major newspapers around the country.

Joy worked for the Kansas City Star and the New York Post and has written regularly for Money, People, Vibe, Shape, Time, Town & Country and other magazines. She has interviewed hundreds of famous faces, from Oscar de la Renta to Houston’s own Beyoncé Knowles.

#YearOfJoy Wonder Woman Bowling Party in July 2017.

#YearOfJoy Wonder Woman Bowling Party in July 2017.

An award-winning journalist, Joy holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism from University of Houston, a master’s degree in business management from Webster University and taught journalism at Central Missouri State University. She has received several prestigious national journalism fellowships on issues concerning Latin America and the African Diaspora; one in which she lived and worked in Mexico and another in which she traveled to Cuba with a team of U.S. journalists to study racism in the country.

A former competitive ice skater, Joy became Houston’s first professional black figure skating coach while still in college. You can still catch her skating on the ice every now and then.

She is also a regular speaker on style, women’s and girl's empowerment, social media and other lifestyle topics. In 2012, she conducted her first “Dress Like You Are In Love” style seminar. The next year, Joy was profiled on the international style site, The Coveteur, and The Huffington Post. She has conducted style seminars and talks for United Airlines, I Know Somebody Houston, Neiman Marcus, University of Houston and many more.

In 2015, she launched #YearOfJoy as her personal journey to live a more joyful life. It has expanded into the #YearOfJoy Project to spread joy to children who deserve some. Click here to learn more about the Year of Joy.

In 2017, Joy was honored with the 2017 Houston Humanitarian Award in celebration of Houston Random Acts of Kindness Day for her #YearOfJoy Project.

She's committed to being a role model for girls and young women and hopes to inspire them to follow their dreams, as she did hers.