Picture your pooch as a ladybug for Halloween

Before you judge me, consider this: pet costumes are big business. 

Just know that one in eight Americans will dress their pet for Halloween.

Last year, it was easy. I needed a dog costume for my annual Halloween costume story. So my female boxer, Ava, became Wonder Woman flying across the page of the Chronicle's Star section, thanks to our talented graphics staff.

It was my first time dressing up a pet for Halloween and considering I bribed Ava with treats, it was a win-win situation for both of us. My boxer male, Prince, later wore a Batman costume, but he lacked Ava's enthusiasm big time.

This year, I went looking for cheap costumes for both dogs. Given their size, they require XL or XXL sizes, which are often more expensive and hard to find. So I took to Pinterest and found an easy do-it-yourself ladybug costume.

It cost about $20 for supplies and took me about an hour to make both. I added sequins to the spots for bling.   Click here for instructions.

Now, getting them to wear it has been a challenge. Treats help.

Happy Halloween.