Flashback Friday: When I got Coveteur'd

#‎FF‬ When I agreed to have a team of strangers from Canada and London take over my home for The Coveteur in 2013. I didn't realize then what a big deal it was to be featured. The international style site has profiled Kelly Rowland, Oprah Winfrey and Rachel Roy in their closets.

I had friends who helped me get it together - Andrea Bonner and Sydney Dao (with styling) Melissa Aguilar (with flowers) Edward Sanchez (makeup/hair). I remember Edward whispered to me while doing my makeup, "Who are these people?" I answered, "I don't know."

It was a pretty amazing experience and was the catalyst for me meeting Julee A. Wilson, who wrote an awesome and very glamorous profile of me for the Huffington Post.

I'm sharing because blessings come when you least expect them. That's what I've learned. Have a great weekend. #yearofjoy

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