What happened after I rear ended a car

Here's why I'm celebrating a ‪#‎yearofjoy‬:

I had a car accident today. First one in 20 years.Totally my fault. I rear ended a little sedan. There was much traffic and construction. I got out to see the damage. So did the driver, an older gentleman. I asked if we could exchange insurance info. He kept looking at his car, which had a significant bumper dent.

"Don't worry about it. I can fix," he said about his car.

I started babbling on about how sorry I was and how I was rushing to an event and didn't see him.

"No, really. I can fix it. Don't worry," he said.

I asked if I could give him a hug. So on busy Galleria street, I hugged the driver of the car I had rear ended. I thanked him about 20 times. He got in his car and drove off.

I drove off in my 14-year-old SUV, which now makes a loud noise when I turn right, and I cried happy tears.