A letter from a mentee

I received the most beautiful email today from a young lady I mentored when she was journalism student at Texas Southern University. She's now a working journalist:

Hi, Joy!

I hope that all is going well for you. I just wanted to reach out and say how much I'm enjoying your ‪#‎YearOfJoy‬ project. I read Shonda Rhimes' book on NYE and decided that I was going to improve my quality of life, too.

I've done a couple big things, but a big part of my #YearOfJoy was leaving my first job of almost four years. I gave my two weeks notice last week. I'm not sure if I fell out of love with what I was doing or if I was just in a toxic environment that made what I was doing miserable. I'm still trying to figure that part out.

Anywho, I say all that to tell you (again) that I really enjoy your #YearOfJoy project. It's a constant reminder to me that it's never too late to change your mind. When you move in joy, life has a wonderful way of working things out. The best is yet to come!

Have a great day!